Tag a friend

In episode 6 of It's All Just Fun & Games, the girls of Arby are playing tag a friend. We compiled a list of random categories, then decided who each person would be if they were in that category. Yeah, it is really hard to explain so just listen already!!! 

Whose Story is it?

Can you guess whose embarrassing story belongs to who? Listen in to this weeks episode, Whose Story is it! You’re in for a cringe treat. And… yes, we know we dropped the equipment but after all "Its All Just Fun and Games," so who cares about a little mistake? NOT US! 

Two Truths & A lie

In this weeks episode, the ladies of Arby will try to trick one another! Can you catch their lies faster? 

Listen in to this weeks episode of Its All Just Fun and Game to see what the girls of Arby would rather do... Even though we can barely decide what we would rather do. 

Most Likely To…

In this weeks episode, the girls of Arby House play the Most Likely to game in which they pick which housemate is most likely to do a variety of different actions. Listen in to find out who exactly is most likely to do what!

5 Second Rule


In the pilot episode of It's All Just Fun and Games you will meet your host Christa Schmitt as well as all of the roomie contestants of the show. Join in as we attempt to play the 5 second rule game. I would tell you what that means but thats part of the fun!! Listen in to find out.